Reagent, hydrazine, AccuVac ampules, pk/25

Reagent, hydrazine, AccuVac ampules, pk/25
Ürün Numarası: 2524025
TRY Fiyat: Bize Ulaşın


AccuVac Ampules provide quick results. Just snap, fill and read - saving you valuable time.


No need to measure sample or reagents. The evacuated ampules draw in the correct sample volume, so anyone can obtain reliable results with minimal effort.


Optical quality evacuated vials assure precise measurements and reagent stability.

Use them anywhere you need results.

Ampules are both reagent containers and photometric measurement cells. No need to transport reagents or samples.

Teknik özellikler

Cihaz: All except DR/850,
DR/820, PC II
Metot: p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
Metot numarası: 8141
Ölçüm aralığı: 4 - 600 µg/L N2H4
Parametre: Hydrazine
Platform: Accuvac
Test sayısı: 25